Welcome to Sassy Fit

Our mission is to empower women to feel confident in their own skin. We’re a group of women with a wealth of fitness knowledge ready to kick your “sass” into serious shape. Our goal is to make fitness as fun and effective for you as possible so you get the results you want. Sign-up today and you’ll be body confident in as little as one month!

Fitness For Women, By Women

We hand select the region’s best female instructors to be your support team. All of our trainers are nationally certified and have passed our internal Sassy Fit Certification. Your trainer will make you work hard but respect your limits and goals. Meet our team

Sassy B.L.A.S.T.

Sassy Blast is our signature high-energy, body sculpting class created to accentuate your fabulous female curves, more specifically Booty, Legs, Arms & Abs. Our philosophy is easy: we wanted a program that would blast the fat while toning at the same time by combining weight training and cardio. The result? The perfect cocktail for a sexy, sassy body.”  Sign-up

Sassy Flow

Sassy Flow is our signature flowing style of Vinyasa yoga. Our classes incorporate an intentional and creative blend of sun salutations with a full range of poses sequenced in a way that provides the foundation to cultivate inner and outer alignment, strength and flexibility, stamina and grace. Upbeat modern music is selected for each class that perfectly complements the flow. Join us to grow stronger, connect with your breath, and open your body, mind and heart. Sign-up