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A Saturday Morning Hike in the JUNGLE!

Hello my fellow Sassy People! Well, I’m still here in Taiwan and I am LOVING it! Let’s see, Saturday morning we got up early and headed to Sansia, a little town north of where I am in Neili. We got off the train and took a 30 minute taxi ride up to the trailhead of a great hike. I’m not exactly sure how many miles we went but it was probably one of the most rustic hikes I’ve ever been on and we were gone for 6 hours. Both the trailhead and the trailend were undisclosed and it was a little funny to just start a well known hike from the back of somebody’s backyard and pop out on the side of the road someplace on the mountain. Quite the experience…

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Spiders, Monkeys, Waterfalls OH MY!

Hello from Taiwan! First and foremost, what an absolutley beautiful place! I am having a wonderful time and recommend a visit to Taiwan to everyone. I’ve been staying pretty active and getting in some good exercise from walking around alone. This past weekend we went camping down south in the mountains of Taichung. As we were leaving, the 6 of us road scooters up the twisty jungle hills until we came to a road where we could no longer drive and had to get off and hike the rest of the way in search of this waterfall we had plans of cliff jumping from. Well, I wasn’t going to jump. I just swam around in the pool at the base of the fall. Below is a picture of me on the side of the falls with the pool I swam in below. It was truly amazing.

Yesterday I went to the gym which was actually pretty similar to a gym you would find back home. I’m not sure why I thought it would be so different. I ran for 30 miniutes on the treadmill and swam in the heated pool. The only difference was that wearing a swim cap was mandatory here unlike in the states, even when sitting in the hot tub. I will take some pictures of the facility when I go back tomorrow. I know what you are probably thinking. Why on earth are you spending time in the gym when you are on vacation? Well, to answer that questions, I think no matter what, including exercise into your daily activities is very important. Stay on track and keep focused no matter where you are. Plus, training for Lavaman officially started on Sunday. I can’t get behind all the other Sassy ladies can I?
Today I plan on doing a short circuit routine in the apartment and then I am off to Yingge, a town known for their ceramics and pottery and then off to Snake Alley tonight. I found a great yoga studio I am going to try on Friday. Stay tuned…..
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Ski Season is Here!

I’m a skier and my sister is a boarder, but we still love to shred the mountain together! Our favorite resort is Whistler/Blackcomb,but Washington has a ton of great resorts, too. and they are all open this week!
I know what I’m doing this weekend … the questions is just where to do it!

49 Degree North
Hurricane Ridge
Loup Loup
Mission Ridge
Mt. Baker
Mt. Spokane
Stevens Pass
The Summit
White Pass

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Tragedy in Mumbai

As many of you know, I was leaving for Mumbai this Sunday to attend a wedding and yoga conference with a good friend. In light of recent events, Americans have been advised to stay out of the area until the end of December, so my trip has been canceled. My heart is still there, though, and I’m hoping that you will join me in sending your thoughts and prayers to the innocent victims of Mumbai, my friend, and her family who are in the city.

I will keep you posted on the progress of the attack, as well as additional ways to help.

Peace be with you all.

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Fit Trip :: Portland!

My husband and I took the the train down to Portland last weekend for our friends’ 30th b-day. It’s only a few hours away, but completely satisfied our ‘holiday’ tooth. We love to explore a city with a jog, a yoga class or two, and lots of good food.

When we arrived on Friday, we checked into our room, changed into running gear, and jogged over to the Pearl district to window shop before heading over to our friend’s party. We found great holiday gifts for our families at West Elm and Cargo. We had dinner at Silk, an amazing Vietnamese restaurant. The Lemongrass Chicken Bowl is a delicious and healthy choice :o ). Our friends’ party was at Vino Paradiso, a retro wine bar in the Pearl owned by one of the band members of Pink Martini.

Saturday morning we attended a yoga class at Belmont Yoga, a new studio north of Nob Hill. After class, we walked to Nob Hill and found a charming cafe called Cafe Nell for brunch. Portland is great place to stock up on cute athletic wear, Lucy’s flagship, Lululemon and local NAU keep the locals hip and fit. Saturday night we had pre-dinner drinks at The Nines and met friends for dinner at Clyde Common.

Sunday we slept in, took a walk to the nearest Stumptown for a latte and headed back to catch our train. The next time you are in a new city, take a class, go for a jog/walk, and find the things you love to do at home. Trying things from a new perspective is sometimes all you need for renewed motivation.

Have a great weekend!

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