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The Best Excuse EVER to Shop!

As October comes to an end, so does National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. But, that doesn’t mean you can’t continue to spread the word and help raise money to support breast cancer awareness. How? SHOP!! Many celebrities are stepping in to show their support and get the message out. For instance, Bri, one of our mighty trainers and Director of Marketing just purchased this lovely t-shirt from Ellen DeGeneres’ website.

It doesn’t stop there though, there is everything from beautiful bouques of various shades of pink tulips to running shoes by New Balance.  A portion of the proceeds are donated to various organizations supporting breast cancer research. Show your support while looking cute, we think that is a great idea! See below for various links to some great items!
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Meet the Trainer

Please allow me to introduce you to the woman behind it all, Kelly Singer. Owner, founder, and trainer, Kelly came up with Sassy Fit in 2006 as an alternative to the time consuming regime of driving to the gym. Today, with a highly trained staff of certified professional trainers, Sassy Fit offers the most exclusive form of personal training available.

Question and Answer Time!

What is your fitness story?

Five years ago, I was 40 lbs overweight. As a full time student in college, I was also the Deputy Finance Director for the US Senate Campaign. I was surrounded with high calorie foods and alcohol at home and the office. I’m not exaggerating when I say a typical day would start with a grande, full fat pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks, an egg, cheese, and bacon breakfast sandwich from Fat Burger, cheese pizza from lunch (the campaign ordered pizza almost every day), multiple bite sized snickers for my afternoon snack plus more coffee, and PF Changs and drinks or hors d’oeuvres for dinner. My breakfast alone was almost my daily caloric limit. I would leave my house at 6:00 AM and sit all day until about 7 PM. Exhausted and stressed, I would turn to food to make me feel better. One night after the campaign had ended, I tried on an old pair of jeans that I couldn’t even pull up half way, and that was it. My boyfriend-now husband and I decided we were going to make some serious changes. We were going to walk or take the bus everywhere within 10 miles of our house. We stopped eating fat food. We eliminated saturated and trans fats, high fructose corn syrup, and white flour. When we did go out, we always split a meal. We switched our lattes to green tea and joined a gym, working out 4 days a week. With these changes, I lost those 40 lbs within 9 months (went form a size 12/14 to a 2!) and decided I wanted my entire life to revolve around living a healthy lifestyle.

Do you have any fit secrets?

Having my husband as a support and workout buddy has been key for me. Also, walking everywhere gives me energy, keeps my metabolism up reduces stress, and burns extra calories.

Favorite fit move?

My abs are the first to gain and the last to lose chub. Sprint work and interval training along with a plank combo are the most effective ways fro me to keep my abs in bikini shape. (see my workout below)

Favorite fit meal?

I love soup – a big pot of veggie soup will last a few days, is low in calories but fills you up and is an easy way to get your vegetables in. I also love roasting a big pan of cauliflower, peppers, butternut squash, onions, corn, etc. tossed in olive oil with herbs and using them in omelets, pita sandwiches, tacos, you name it! A perfect and filling meat alternative.

Inspirational Quote:

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

This quote helps me remember that every decision matters, but also that those little mistakes do not dictate who you are.

Any fun fit events coming up for you?

Lavaman in Kona, Hawaii in March. Training starts soon!!

Kelly’s Killer Ab Workout

Interval training on the treadmill

I set the treadmill to a 5-6 minute mile pace for 20 minutes (start slower if you have not been running for 3+ months) and run for as long as I can, resting when my heart rate reached my maximum limit (Sassy Fit can help you determine your interval heart rates). Once my heart rate has decreased, I run again continuing this pattern until I reach 20 minutes. Killer workout and you will burn almost double the calories as you would jogging for 20 minutes at a moderate pace. I then move to my Plank Combo Routine.

* 30 second low plank hold

* 3o second side low plank hold on left side

* 30 second side low plank hold on right side

* 10 side to side plank rotations with high plank, slow and controlled

* 30 second high plank hold

* 10 low plank jumping jacks

* 10 high-to-low plank ups

* 10 side plank raises on left

* 10 side plank raises on right

Hello toned Abs!!

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NUUN! No, not the time of day

One thing that we can’t emphasize enough is staying properly hydrated. Especially in the summer heat…well, the summer heat we had! Here at Sassy Fit we love NUUN, a portable electrolyte hydration drink that comes in a simple little tablet. All you do is drop it in water and go!

Here are the goods on it:

* nuun comes in a tough tube that is water resistant and perfect for carrying in your hand, bike jersey, pack…wherever. 1 tube = 6 litres (~1.5 gallons) – enough for a good ride or a week at the gym. and if you travel, forget trying to find your normal drink or suffering the indignity of bags of powder bursting in your luggage, a couple of tubes in your bags will get there in one piece and get you through the week of training in colorado or the pyrenees.

*we spent years researching the levels of electrolytes needed for the product to be absorbed the quickest and to provide optimal salt balance to prevent cramping and maximise hydration. an editor of a major triathlon publication used nuun and had “no cramping issues for the first time ever in an ironman”.

*designed for the active palate, nuun’s got a light flavour that’s not overwhelming when you’re on the go. if you’ve ever watered down sports drinks because they’re too strong, then you’ve made them less easy to absorb; this ultimately defeats the purpose of using them. some call the nuun taste ‘tart’ and that’s probably the best description we’ve found yet, other than ‘just right’!

*a bottle of water, 1 nuun per 500ml (~16oz) … doesn’t matter where you are, how windy it is, how much space you’ve got – drop in nuun and you’re good to go.

I never start a race without my Nuun and drink it throughout the day and especially when I am training!

Let us know how you like it! We’d love to hear what you think and how it improved your workout! Have a super sassy day!

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So, I’m suppose to run 10 miles tomorrow morning and to be honest, I’m not really feeling it. Every runner has those moments. I haven’t really been feeling my runs all week for that matter until I came across this article in the NY Times. After reading about this 11 year old girl, I feel like I could go out and run a marathon and if I come to a point where I want to stop, I’ll just think of her as my inspiration to keep on trekking along. We need more Emma’s in the world!

Last year, 11-year-old Emma Wilby set out to raise money for charity during
her school run-a-thon. Her plan was to complete the equivalent of a marathon. “First my goal was 26 miles, the marathon,” she said. “Then I wanted to go 30 miles after I passed 26. Then I decided to go farther.”

By the end of the 10-hour event, Ms. Wilby had completed 32 miles, raising $2,181 from her 81 sponsors. “I’ve never done anything that big before,” Ms. Wilby said. “I didn’t want to give up.”Ms. Wilby is the youngest runner featured in the Running Voices series, by producer Karen Barrow.

Ms. Wilby’s family has a long history of participation in the fundraising event at Chapin School in Princeton, N.J. Her older brother once completed 30 miles, which until recently was the family record. And at the age of 3, Ms. Wilby was already taking part in the run. “I mostly got pushed in the stroller,” she said.

During the event, which she completed with a combination of running and walking, she was joined throughout the day by her friends, siblings and father. Although Ms. Wilby says she hopes to complete 34 miles in the run-a-thon next spring, she notes that her family record may not hold up because she has a 5-year-old sister.

“My little sister, Kyla, she did 11 miles this year,” Ms. Wilby said. “I think that’s a lot for her. I think she’s going to break my record.”

To hear more from Emma and other runners, click on the link to hear all the stories featured in Running Voices, including a running nun and a woman who doesn’t want to give up her running shoes.

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Healthy Apps for Your iPhone

More and more people, myself included, have the multifunctional cell phone, the iPhone. With that comes all the fun applications you can download! Here are several healthy apps you can get to help pave the way to a fit and fabulous life!

1. iHeartRate Monitor – This app helps you track how hard your’re working. For only $ 0.99, this application monitors your resting heart rate and your training heart rate and can figure out how many calories you burned during certain activities.

2. iFitness – For $1.99, you can have strength training exercises as your fingertips. If you are in the middle of your workout and want to switch it up a little, all you have to do is wip out your iPhone and you’ve got a new workout. Each exercises comes with a picture and detailed description of the workout.

3. Nikewomen Training Club – First of all, this app is FREE! Can beat that. It has workout sessions whether you want to do cardio or strength training, and shows videos of how to do each move. It even times each part of your workout for you, so you don’t have to think about when to switch to the next move. This app makes it easy to exercise on your own at home, at the gym, or while on vacation.

4. EatinhWell Healthy in a Hurry – If you are planning dinner last minute and at the grocery store, this app is just what you need! For $2.99, it provides you with countless healthy recipes in the palm of your hand.

5. Meditation Timer – Everyone needs a little zen in their life and putting aside even 5 minutes to just tune out is so important in this busy and fast past society we live it. This app will track your meditation session for only $1.99…remember, it only takes 7 days to create a habit!

So next time you are in a workout rut, turn to your iPhone! Happy Friday!!!

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